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Say Something, Hy Minimalist People

“Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.”
— Edwin Way Teale


Everybody needs money, loves money, earns money but minimalism is what helps me understand how one can save money. Even by fulfilling your satisfying needs. Even money is the only thing that drives me to learn this art to its extreme aspects of saving money.

Ask me your thoughts and let’s connect for better minimalist relations.

Thank You

Rishabh Chauhan, Founder

    One On One What’s App Community

    Minimalism game is easy to understand every time but hard on the other side when it comes to actions. The hard truth is decluttering our busy life is not an easy task, so many things are there which we need to understand as well. 

    Almost every time we have to be the change, the change which we want to see in the surroundings. The best things to include is something that you should include yourself in a particular community. 

    Join my One on One What’s App community and there you can ask your questions or how c you can simplify your life.  And also you’ll receive daily news and updates. 

    This is what’s included when you connect with One On One Community:

      • Daily inspiration and focus
      • Additional one on one thoughts and discussion
      • Regular Updates
      • What’s App Community Number –  +918375847090
      • Also, become the part of the what’s app group community as well to enjoy the benefit as well with others.

    This is what’s included when you join What’s App Group Community:

    • A great  and supportive environment 
    • Lots of good people to connect over with
    • Daily motivation to remain focus and active. 
    • Experienced shares of articles and problem solutions.
    • Weekly project and assessments to generate good results
    • Access to one on one discussion with me.

    To join the What’s App group, click the button below…