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Productivity Hack, Top 5 | Minimalism is Focus

Productivity Hack, Doing fewer things is seriously the more you can accomplish. And this is fun!! For many, minimalism or a minimalist lifestyle is boring. But minimalism is understanding or providing values to your surroundings. Values can be in the form of what you do, what you spend on, what is the time values, and many more things. 

Small History | Minimalism – 

This concept is trending among many people but it is not a new term. It has already been within us for a very long time. Simple living is joyful. Minimalism (Less is more) has been more used by the Chinese and Buddhist people. Many great people use minimalist thoughts to discover more productivity which can directly increase the power to focus more. Great people segment their priorities and separate them into small tasks to stay more focused and productive. 



Minimalism | Productivity Hack – 

It is always a race between quality and quantity, assuming who wins. And also people think that if they focus on the quantity they seem to be productive. But it’s a lie. We are so addicted to short term fulfillment that we always do easy things. Rather invest our time more in difficult things to achieve more focus and aspects. It is very unique and simple that doing one thing at a time helps to learn focus and we are more accurate also. And also you can learn and earn more by doing less. Also, minimalism helps you put the time into the things which matter the most. 


Different choices to become more productive than ever by using minimalist thoughts | Productivity Hack – 

Mess looks great but it holds, Holds you far away to fulfill the requirements of your Aim and this thing sucks. Like Hell! And holds you to live the life you want to live from the very beginning of your life. Because it’s a serious matter of perception and priorities. Here are some hacks to use to increase productivity using minimalist thoughts. 

Clean Surroundings or Workstation – 

Surrounding plays a role as a backbone for your focus(Sometimes Matters). Surroundings are different for different peoples but only one thing is commonly named Workstation. Many say that a messy desk or workstation is good to see or a sign of genius. But a cluttered space can cost you time as well as focus. Which indirectly causes the loss of productivity.  

A variety of research shows that a messy or unstructured environment consumes your attention as well as mental power which directly reflects into your productivity. And people who work in a clean environment can perform 1.5x Better than in a messy environment. 

Minimized your Focused attachments – 

When you work on your to-do task for the day, it’s better if the list is full of important things only. It is not the best way to do work but if you have a long to-do list and an uneven task is identified the mind will get stressed and you feel fatigued at the end of the day. Identify your work point and fill the task accordingly. Which is not the burden anymore. This can be the best way to maximize productivity and minimize distraction.

Assign priorities to the important task –

We all can have multipurpose important things according to different humans. But understanding the importance of priorities is a great thing. Today’s humans believe in multitasking work ethics but they forgot to prioritize their important tasks. Which leads them into the trap of losing focus. 

You can improve your priorities by asking the simple question to yourself. That can add any value to your goal of the day or not. And by doing this you can simply remove the disturbing elements and enhance your priorities choosing aspects. 

The Art to Say NO – 

The most important thing in the minimalist lifestyle is saying NO or the art of letting things go. And as the saying also says that you can do things or anything but can’t do everything at the same moment or in the small aspect ratio. It is so important to say yes only to the essentials things or the task. It’s in your hand to learn this thing within your style. If not then it’s your ultimate fail. You can also enhance this art of saying no or letting things go by understanding how affirmations work for you. Affirmations are something that helps you increase your beliefs and will powers. 

Overcome Multitasking if it does not suit you – 

I agree or appreciate the people who love to multitask or can do things in a flow with it. But if you are not the one try doing one thing at a time. If you are the one who wants to learn the art of multitasking then it’s important to be the master of one task at a time. And we all have different capacities to do anything. 

It’s clearly seen that in multitasking we lose so much energy and focus. But our brain is so confused to learn which task is on priorities because we don’t know what are our important priorities. And also multitasking reduces creativity. The use of mobile phones can also be a harmful thing while doing a task because mobiles perform many things within the same time segments. Which indirectly prepares our mind for multifunctioning but we fail. And it is essential to learn what is important to us.


Some Last Words | Productivity Hack – 

Life is Simple to live but marketing and perception make our life confusing and complicated to live. Because we let others’ thoughts to accept and try to live like what we see on social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And always control your thoughts while surfing sites because Social lifestyle is a Lie. We can have a simple life to live if we remove all the distractions elements and marketing perspective thoughts. We don’t know the meaning of essentialism and lack to understand what matters to us the most. Every task leaves an impression after completing and if the task is not completed according to you then it leaves negative thoughts and disturbed the focus. Which leads to doing unnecessary things. Doing simple changes can have a huge impact on the focus and productivity level.

The only thing to maximize our productivity is to learn the art of essentialism and important priorities. And do one thing at a time. It’s really simple, starts small, starts simple. Perform and track one task at a time. Declutter of clean our surroundings and workstations. At last, by doing this Productivity Hack you will find more time, focus, productivity, and less confusion and stress.

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