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Minimalism Myths | Corrections

Minimalism Myths | Corrections can be a huge issue as per acceptance. Minimalism is now on a boom and also become a lifechanging moment for those who want to live a simple life as well as want to free from unwanted distractions. This art can help you let other things go and make you more focused on what matters to your life most. But with all these positive thoughts there are many myths present about minimalism, which makes people off. Stay to the last to learn what are the myths and why these are not true.


Minimalism Myths | Corrections, What Minimalism is – 

Before we learn these myths about minimalism, I just want to share the definition of minimalism from Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist. 

The best definition – 

‘Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.’

Minimalism Myths | Corrections, The Simple Or Minimalist Lifestyle –

The simple life is all about making more space and time for your creative things which matters to you. It helps you find more purpose in life and get rid of extra things or items. There is no specific thing, clutter can be physical as well as emotional or anything you want to declutter for finding more purposing things in life. 

In simple words things which you don’t need as well as don’t add value in life, then let it go is the best possible answer. However, people are put off due to fake myths about minimalism. Today’s market told them that if you don’t buy this you are no more the part of the society, and this sucks. People ended up with more stuff and keep on buying things but at last, it sucks to them. Minimalism can be defined differently for different people. It can be strict and intentions. Anyone can be a minimalist and feel the benefits. These are just to put people off. Do not worried let me answer it.


Myths about  Minimalism – 

– Minimalism means letting everything go you have

On basic being a minimalist person means you have to let things go. But if you remember the above definition of minimalism, it does not state any of that. And it states that you have to let things go which does not add any values to your life. You are not going to cry for them if they are of no use and every time they are taking time to look after them. For eg, if you have some extra clothes which you wear once then what the meaning of having it. Donate and recycle can be the options for you. But this doesn’t mean that you are having it go.  

But, minimalism is all going with nature and love to create more and more space for the important thing. 

And at last, finally, you will end up with more and more space and of time and things which you love. 


– Available for limited people

Minimalism is available for all types of people around here and everywhere. It does not have a fixed definition or common resources. 

You are not only a simple person who is trying to solve life disbalances. Everyone can try minimalist experiences. You can learn how you can survive on fewer things just by sacrificing your unwanted needs. And this can be learned through step by step. This art can help more and more for mothers than probably any other group of people.

Home is the best place from where you can start minimalism. Just by makes yourself feel overwhelmed and makes life so simpler just by removing or modifying things. Just by removing things and different state matters can create more physical and mental spaces for essentials things that matter to you and your family. Creating more family spaces will leads to less occupied stress. Because time spends with family on sofa creates more value and shares experiences. Through minimalism, you can create life. A life that you want to live at present rather than just trying to make an effort.  


– Minimalism has rules and boundaries

It can be more enjoyable if you understand minimalism first before understanding it. No one wants the life with less stuff and remove with overall furniture and be only with the mattress on the floor. As am a minimalist this whole thing sounds like every minimalist is struggling to survive rather than to enjoy my life. Then it is not understandable that has a set of rules. 

Family life is busy as well as full of huge pieces of stuff like toys, furniture, etc and takes lots of time as well as energy to manage all of these. On the basic note if you follow lots of rules and regulations for being a minimalist person then its a myth as well as a waste of time. Which you don’t need. Different people, different life seasons makes a great lot of work. But if life is based on a certain set of rules then what’s the meaning of it to live.  Life with rules can not be a sustainable option for the long term in life. 

Minimalism is all about what you want to share with your surroundings and yourself, but its not about a predefined set of rules.

One more thing to add up to your needs is that you can’t keep going forward until you think minimalism is a set of rules. 


– Minimalism means never have new things and Black and White Colors 

Many minimalist people also have great looking cars, a good range of food as well as we love shopping for a new pair of shoes. But minimalism does not mean that you can not buy cars, new houses, etc. 

When things start adding values to your life and you understand the value of essential then you can start buying the new lifestyle. 

A Minimalist person does not buy things just for the sake of it. They don’t fill the gap just by shopping and adding new stuff. Finding happiness in a small field is their best option rather than wasting money here and there. Understand the nature of your need before buying things. 

Minimalism Myths | Corrections | Last Words – 

Minimalism lifestyle is a joyful life circle which helps you to focus on the values of life leaving behind all unnecessary clutter and distraction.

But unfortunately, many different types of misconceptions are present related to minimalism which people gets off without giving it a try. In this blog, I have torn apart some different myths about Minimalism and try to help in explaining why Minimalism is a good thing for everyone. It will provide you the best experience of life in different ways. 


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