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Keynotes For Minimalism | Essentials Notes

Keynotes For Minimalism, Everyone here is creative, the only difference is that the use and level of creativity. I am a very materialist kind of person before I shifted in a single flat and small one, own my own and from there I start my minimalism journey. Then there I find that I have many of the things which are not usable at all. But I don’t know why am carrying all those things at all. Seriously “NO Answer”

Rapidly after that decision, a new stage of life is welcoming me and I am loving it. Because as you all know that life changes after you pass out from College or Universities. From that moment of life, I realize that what all things are learning about minimalism, now it’s the time to practically implement it. And from that point, I challenge myself because somehow I know that this thing will make me debt-free as well as help me understand myself better.  

At that moment I set to intentionally removes all my odd things or unused things and especially minimize things and my wants. I determine myself to remove one thing a day or week so that it will not harm my emotional wellbeings towards things and other kinds of stuff. Then what next slowly and steadily I removed everything and makes myself free from all my issues. After this part of my life, I understood that people self-acquired things not things tell them to buy me. Now over the last year of clearing clutter, I have removed many things and makes my self and my surroundings clutter-free. This process helps and inspired me to help many people realize their essentialism in life. 

All these things help me with simplicity as well as taught me the importance of essential things. Also not the last thing I have learned many key principles to help people learn the decluttering game.


Keynotes For Minimalism | Keynotes to Help Anyone Learn Declutter Game/Minimalism:


 – Keynotes For Minimalism | Make Yourself Stop To Buy Stuff 

Removing old stuff with new is just a waste of time nothing else. What you need is at first just slow the flow of kinds of stuff you buy from the market. Start from today and determine yourself to buy fewer things from the market. It will change your life, Trust Me. In the end, the process is beautiful. 

– One Item A Day, Makes Your Life Beautiful  

Don’t take declutter game at a high priority that you damage your entire surroundings. Over the day by day, I have designed my new surroundings which are clean and well organized and this all happens because I chose to be minimalist. The whole process can also change the way you think about stuff you want to buy from the market. 

 – Remove kinds of Stuff Which are Easy For You To Remove at First

I mostly have seen that people when they starting learning to be a minimalist they chose to remove the hardest things first, but it is not required.  Removing the hardest things will might make your mindset that this will not for you or might you lose. So, instead, the easiest things at first and they increasing the priorities you can be a minimalist person. 

– Keynotes For Minimalism | Put Yourself After Being Prepared 

Before starting the process doing your homework will help you in many aspects. You have to understand that the things you want to remove, what happened with those things or kinds of stuff. You can do Selling, Recycling, Donating Items you choose to remove. The more you prepare the better you will complete your task and the simpler it will be.  

– Before Removing Stuff, You Should Take Out Guilt or Obligation.

As you all know that your surrounding is full of the items you love or use. Don’t take things wrong and don’t take advice from other people because the stuff you want to remove is not theirs it is yours. It is your choice of what to remove or what to have in. 

– Lets The Things Go, Don’t Be Afraid 

By understanding what need means, will help you remove all the items which you think that you might need that item someday. Many things or items are not our happiness or not part of our surroundings (functionality) but still in our surroundings. This is something through which you can understand the difference.

– Are Gifts Can Be Materials Only 

If you want to give a gift to someone then it is not only about that you have to give a material gift, you have many choices. Encourage each and everyone about this concept to follow before buying gifts. Which in return helps you collect less shit. To reduce gift clutter you can gift experience or adventure, Spending time together can be a gift too. Stick with me if you want what gifts can fall under this category I will guide you in my next blog if you are looking for clutter-free gifts. 

– Don’t Focus On Collecting Stuff At Home

A home is different from hotels or bars and does not need things which are part of hotels and bars. Understand your true needs and be real. If you are a person where many people come and go through, then manage things accordingly.

– Declutter Only Your Items When You Are The Owner

Even children have a choice to accept or let in go the things. If you are decluttering your home, your children have the choice to let things go or not. Make them comfortable about their steps as well as their thoughts.

– Keynotes For Minimalism | Be Discipline To Your Life On Clutter 

Every time you purchase an item it accepts its time into your life. After that, all you have to do is manage items, Clean items, repair items and manage them. These things will help you manage your time as you maintain the item which is taking your time. After all these sacrifices, you will understand about you that Actually Who You Are?

The above Keynotes For Minimalism help me to live a simple life in the past year. When I began this process, I am not sure about how am going to do this? But I do. Something I also learn that my way of taking decisions will turn my life into that way. To live in beautiful homes we don’t need many things, but needs only a few. 

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